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Today we will reveal what my partner, Phil Basten, and I have learned about making sales and building a business online.
We will share our collective 42 years of experience and knowledge with you, and we are sure that we can change the way you think about selling and your online business.
Phil and I have a motto that simply says - "Nothing in, nothing out" which is our version of nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I will get to that in a few minutes.
This webinar is about selling and writing ads that sell. If you are in any business online or hoping to get into one, then this webinar is for you but first I want to ask you a couple of questions to get your brain in gear for this webinar.
Question 1: People of all ages love stories and storytelling. What is one of the essential ingredients of a good story?

Answer 1: It must have a kernel of truth that everyone can instantly recognize and relate to.

Question 2: What should you always include in an email ad that you are sending out?

Answer 2: Something about yourself. example: I always sign my emails in a specific way.


Jane Mark
Tell Me A Story (name of the site I am promoting)
JAM Inc (Short name for my company)

You also want to put other personal things in your promotions.
  • Your relationship to the site you are promoting.
  • Why you joined it and what you like about it.
  • Never send out an email that is not signed. You don't want to look like you are hiding something.
There are some rules when you tell a story.
People like to know who you are so tell them a short story about yourself and tell them why you like the site or product you are promoting, and why you want them to join it.
Make sure it is really your story and not someone else's story and make sure it is true.
  • Example 1: One of my most successful ads for my site, called Itsy Linx, is an ad that has a subject line.

    True story: I have 614 of these-each one is a moneymaker.

    Earn 40% on every sale.

    Shh, don't tell anyone, but...

    This website is one of Phil Basten's best moneymakers.

    If you are not Itsying your links, you are losing sales.

    That's the bottom line.

    Go get um

    Jane Mark
    Itsy Linx
    JAM Inc.

    Notice my ad is short and right to the point. More importantly, I can log in to Itsy Linx and show you I have at least 614 links, or more since I make at least one Itsy Linx almost every day).
  • EXAMPLE 2: When I send out an ad for Never Ending Traffic 4u, I will often say in its body - Here are typical stats you can expect to see for just one URL.

    Day 1055 - Views 36,649,993, Clicks 2,758,569 (That's million with an M). I can log into my Net4u account and show you these stats.

    You can purchase up to 10-lifetime links at a time, and these links cost $4.50 per link per year—a bargain in any language.
  • EXAMPLE 3: When I say that we have delivered xxx ad views at Profit from Free Ads in a promo, you can take that to the bank. Sometimes Numbers Come along that are simply stunning.

    These numbers tell the story of Success.

    1801 Days since Launch
    20,445,010,947 ad Views Delivered (That's billion with a B)
    122,153,968 Solo Ads Sent (That's million with an M)

    These are the real numbers from the very popular, very lucrative, high traffic site called -

    Profit From Free Ads.

    In other words, If I am giving you stats in an ad, these are facts you can check me on. You can see these at the main site.
  • EXAMPLE 5: When I tell you I made $7,413.00 in commissions at a site I promote called MyLeadGenSecret, I can log in and show that number.

  • Bottom line: I get crazy when I see ads that are total BS.

    Make 10,000 a day with no work.
    Become a millionaire on auto-pilot.

    I just shake my head and say who on God's green earth is going to believe that stuff? And who is going to open an email like that?

    Don't fall for the Okie Doke. You will get burned every time if you do.
Here are some email subject lines from our clients that I would open in a New York Minute. They are creative and believable. 
  • Does Increasing your Monthly Cash Flow Sound interesting?

  • Blast your ads to 30,000 per month free with our Mega solo eBlaster.
I know this site and use their blaster, so I know this is true. Well, you get the idea.
  • It needs to be your story.
  • It needs to be a true story.
  • It needs to be believable.
  • You need to own your story, (by that I mean you need to sign your name at the end of any ad you send out).
  • And if you are mentioning stats or commissions etc., make sure you can prove it.
And that brings me to why we are here today.
My partner Phil has authored a riveting book that kept my attention from beginning to end. A task that is not easy to do.

If I don't grab the idea from something in a New York Minute, my mind starts to wander, or I realize I have a wonderful puppy sitting at my feet and I could be playing with him, instead of plowing through a book that does not grab my attention from chapter to chapter.

Phil's book is a page turner, and I am not kidding about this.

In the book he is going to show you how to tell a compelling story that will help you make sales and keep that cash flowing in day in and day out, year in and year out and he gives you examples from some of the best salesmen on earth,

And now I am going to turn this webinar over to my fantastic partner, Phil Basten, the better half of our partnership, and the person I kidnapped from Australia many years ago. Phil, the floor is yours.
Okay, now we get to the fun part.
First, I want to share a quick story and a question.
I want you to tell me what the story is referring to. What is the goal of the story? What message is the story trying to impart?
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