Direct from the desk of Phil Basten, the author of Million Dollar Mindset, High-Speed List Building, Traffic Frenzy, Guru Tales, Panic Attacks and How to Survive Them, and many more popular eBooks comes a brand new, can't put it down, page-turner on professional selling.
Get ready to enjoy a gripping, eye-opening, expose of the sales techniques of the masters of selling. 
Tell Me a Story
Reveals how to influence more people, sell more stuff, and pocket more cash, using the psychological power of stories.  
From the day we were born, stories have intrigued us, excited us, captivated us, and compelled us. They are part of the fabric of our lives. They are part of our DNA.
In Tell Me a Story, you'll discover how to create compelling stories in 30 seconds or less. Stories that excite your readers get you more sign-ups and sell more products and services.
I will be sharing ideas from masters of selling—people like Fred Herman, J. Douglas Edwards, Larry Wilson, and many others. I will also be sharing some thoughts from an incredible sales manual full of the most beautiful stories.
At only $97 $49, this 48-page content-rich, no-fluff, eBook is a wise investment, so grab your copy today, and make 2022 your best year ever.

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  • Discover the secret of selling anything to anyone.
  • Uncover how to create compelling subject lines.
  • See how to create riveting email offers.
  • Learn how to sell products and services in 30-seconds or less.
  • Unearth how to tell a story in ten words or less.
  • Unmask how to write video commercials that sell.
  • Spot how to create the perfect story for your audience.
  • Pinpoint how to write and produce song themes for sitcoms.
  • Master how to tell stories in rhymes, jingles, odes, limericks, poems, etc.
  • Find out how to sell intangible products and services like insurance.
No matter what you sell, no matter what business you are currently involved in, Tell Me a Story will help you get the results you need.
Tell Me a Story is an e-book you'll want to refer to every day.
But don't take our word for it, our customers say it better.
Linda Paulk
Marketing Consultant
Hi Jane, I love the book, and this is a true story :)

I was looking for a way to improve my marketing this new year when I got an invitation from Jane about a webinar called "The webinar that can change your life. During the webinar Jane introduced a new book from Phil - "Tell Me A Story".  

I got the book and read it the same afternoon.  It opened my mind to a new approach to writing emails which I started to do immediately. I got an email out quickly to my lists, safelists and solo ad mailers and quickly got some signups - on a Saturday evening!  I highly recommend this book to everyone in sales, on or offline.
Tony Mathews
World Traffic Services LLC
Hi Jane,

I just finished Phil's new book 'Tell Me A Story". After reading It, I have already started working on a fresh marketing campaign based on what I have learned.

This outstanding book explains an approach to Sales, Marketing, and Promoting that everyone should be using, and I highly recommend it.
Richard Moore
Affiliate Marketer
Hi Jane, attending the webinar, Tell Me A Story, gave me new insight into the meaning of storytelling and its value being the pivotal part of any sales promotion or E-mail marketing.

It so inspired me that I plan to visit the Tennessee town of Jonesboro, where they hold the annual storytelling festival, to collaborate.

Phil's contribution to my new outlook on life and the imaginary
role it plays is profound. Thank you, Phil.
Carl Goodnight
Affiliate Marketer
Before you start to read “Tell Me a Story”, get a pencil and pad of paper, to jot down notes as you come across them as it applies to what you are trying to promote.

1. I find this publication interesting. It shows you how to picture the buyer using the product or service you are providing and how they would benefit from having it.

2.  It shows you how to help people to buy. I used to sell encyclopedias as a salesman, which was accompanied by courses to help students learn. Courses such as decimals, fractions, etc. When I showed the parents how their children could benefit from such courses, they bought the encyclopedias just to get the courses.

3.  It shows you how to target your audience and then tailor your message to that audience. I will be looking at my Internet ads, to see if they meet the mark outlined in this publication. 
Bob Welcome
Affiliate Marketer
A prominent man once said that Phil Basten is a man with more ideas than a dog has fleas. He took this as a compliment.

Not only does Phil manufacture these ideas out of thin air he also knows how to use them constructively to create imaginary scenes in the minds of readers so that they can visualize his stories and see themselves using the product or service.

At this point, they are hooked and Phil reels them slowly by way of facts and eye-opening stories where they are ready to buy anything he has to offer.
At only $97 $49, this 48-page content-rich, no-fluff, eBook is a wise investment, so grab your copy today, and make 2022 your best year ever.

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